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Brookway Counseling Therapist Debbie Brook

Debbie Brooks LCSW

For the past 25 years I have been passionate about helping people through the difficulties in life. I love to serve people by listening deeply and offering incredibly helpful strategies and tools. You are not alone. I have been there too, and I am here to help you move forward. Another thing you need to know about me? I truly believe your life and your relationships can get better. You may be dealing with depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, eating disorders, or life transitions. It will take some work, but it is possible.

Debbie Brook Therapist springdale arkansas
Therapist Laura Mendenhall Northwest Arkansas

Laura Mendenhall, LCSW, RPT-S

As a therapist, I help people find a way forward when they are overwhelmed or trapped by the hard and heavy things in their lives. I strive to provide a safe place and a safe relationship for clients to talk about challenges, process thoughts and feelings, explore solutions, practice skills, and develop confidence to effect change within their own lives.

Springdale Arkansas Therapist Robyn Thurman

Robyn Thurman, LMFT, LPC

As a counselor, my desire is to create a safe environment for you to share your hurts and hopes. My goal is to facilitate a place where you can express your thoughts and feelings and process those in a way that leads you to greater understanding and peace. As we walk through this season together, I want to help you navigate these difficult transitions and develop new skills and insights that enable you to face future challenges as well.

Therapist Tayler Pollock Springdale, Arkansas

Tayler Pollock, LCSW

In a therapy office, I believe it is of the utmost importance for you to feel comfortable and safe. That is why I place so much emphasis on the therapist-client relationship in services. Through a trusting relationship, we can begin to explore the challenges and barriers you face that prevent you from achieving your goals. I believe that every person is unique, thus not every approach or intervention will work for every person. It is my job to be supportive and help identify what is going to work for you.

Therapist Stevi Kuykendall Springdale, Arkansas

Stevi Kuykendall, LCSW

I am a native of NWA, and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Master of Social Work Degree. I have worked with clients of all ages in a variety of settings including therapeutic day treatment, inpatient treatment, integrated behavioral health, and a healthcare clinic. I am passionate about helping individuals develop healthy behaviors and thought patterns.

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Patient Testimonials



I am a PhD professional counselor who specializes in relationship counseling. When my own marriage was in trouble, I went to five different marriage counselors. Four were not helpful and the fifth fired us because of my wife’s resistance.

At the divorce, the judge required us to go to counseling for our children’s sake. He sent us to Brookway Counseling. Our counselor was perfect: She listened, asked insightful questions, and perceived every issue quickly and accurately. It’s been 14 years and I still see her when I need a mental “oil change”



I must say that I am really impressed with my counselor at Brookway Counseling. During my time seeing her for counseling, I was finally able to rid myself of my anxiety and depression. I recommend her services to anyone who is struggling.



Being parents can be very challenging, and now me and my husband understand that it’s Ok to ask for professional help. Instead of putting the relationship between you and your children at risk, you might want to try some counseling. My therapist at Brookway Counseling was amazing.  She helped our family to deal with major problems. Thank you and God bless!



I had been struggling with food and eating issues for years and had tried just about everything. I was so sick of hating my body and being so controlled by food issues. To be honest, I was not sure anything could every rid me of this. Debbie Brooks was able to understand just what I was going through and work with me to develop a healthy view of my body with food. I am finally free of what I thought would control me forever

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