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Do You Wish You Could Stop The Pain And Feel Like Yourself Again?

  • Are you overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Do you struggle to get out of bed and get dressed every morning?
  • Are you having difficulty concentrating or remembering things?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could just be invisible?

If these things sound familiar to you, you may be experiencing depression. You may find it increasingly difficult to take pleasure or satisfaction in anything. Perhaps you have lost interest in friends, eating, sex, or other activities that you used to enjoy. Maybe you are feeling tired, unfocused and irritable and are not sure why. If you are experiencing these or similar symptoms, you may feel confused and wonder what is happening to you.

You Know Something Is Wrong, But You Don’t Know How To Fix It

When depression strikes, it can quickly take over your entire life. Often, depression symptoms are brought on by a sudden or traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one or diagnosis of an illness. Other times, the process is more gradual. Even the happiest, most optimistic person can be left feeling helpless and alone when depression rears its ugly head. Do you remember how you felt when you were confident and able to handle anything life threw your way? Now, you may feel as if you can’t even handle yourself, and the smallest problem seems utterly unsolvable and overwhelming. Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest – not just feeling sad sometimes. You may have trouble concentrating or have changes in your sleep or appetite.  Depression can affect anyone, no matter the age. You may even tell yourself to “just get over it” But due to many factors it is not that simple.

You may also have noticed that   your temper is much shorter than it used to be. For a reason you can’t explain, you may feel constantly irritated and mad at the world. At some point during the day, someone may annoy you to the point of total distraction. Perhaps your friends and family have commented on the changes in your mood.  All you know is that it feels like you are losing it, and you don’t know why or how to fix it.

Depression can also impact your professional life. It may feel like a struggle just to get dressed and go to work or school. And then, when you get there, the work is completely overwhelming and stressful. You may be missing work or school lately because it’s just “too much.” Or, you may often be late for work and feel distracted and unorganized when you get there.  Perhaps you find it difficult to concentrate on tasks or to remember things. You may worry about losing your job or think your coworkers are out to get you.  For most people, work occupies a large part of the day. It is no fun to feel like you can’t function while you’re there.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

Clinical Depression is different than having ‘the blues’ or having a day where you feel down.

  • Depression is marked by a persistent and almost non-stop feeling of sadness and pessimism. Feeling empty or blank. Depression often leaves people feeling numb or like they can’t have normal feelings (happy, mad, etc).
  • Not enjoying things you used to enjoy.
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much. Sometimes people can’t fall asleep or wake up during the night. Something it swings the opposite way and people with depression can sleep all day and have a hard time getting out of bed.
  • Poor appetite or overeating when not hungry. Depression can kill your appetite, or it can cause you to feel more hungry and crave foods such as carbs. Often, it will swing between the two where you under-eat for a few days and then over-eat to compensate.
  • Feelings of hopelessness. When you can’t imagine it ever getting better, then you might be suffering from depression.
  • Feeling you are unworthy, a failure, or have let down your family or friends. This is called ‘irrational guilt’ because these feelings are almost never rooted in reality. Your family and friends tell you they love you, but you don’t believe it.
  • Feeling like a burden to others or ‘excessive guilt.’ In depression, people often feel as if their entire existence is a burden to others and that the world would be better off without them.
  • Excessive tiredness or fatigue. Depression can sap your energy.
  • Excessive crying and feeling like you can’t control the crying.
  • Feeling alone even when surrounded by friends or family. This sense of deep isolation is really common when going through depression.
  • Contemplating suicide or thinking that other would be “better off without me”. Or it may be the thought, “if I just didn’t wake up, that would be ok with me”

If any of the above symptoms sound like what you have been experiencing, know that there is hope. We would love to meet with you and talk about how you are feeling, and how you can feel better. Depression therapy is very effective. Let’s get you feeling like yourself again.

Therapy For Depression

You are not alone. 

Nationally  1 out of 4 of adults will experience depression at some times in their lives.   However depression in Northwest Arkansas is more common than it is in other places in the United States. Up to 40% of teens in Northwest Arkansas report depression symptoms. Depression can occur at any time, but on average, first appears during the late teens to mid-20s. Women are more likely than men to experience depression. 

The good news is that since this issue is so widespread, there is also plenty of help available. While depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders, it’s also one of the most successfully managed and treated.

Depression Treatment Can Help Get You Back on Track and Feeling Like Yourself Again

In our depression treatment sessions, we will identify, explore and address the issues and stressors that are causing you to feel depressed. You can develop a clear idea of what you are struggling to handle and explore options to navigate challenges and stressors successfully. You can also increase self-awareness, strengthen your resiliency, and develop the ability to practically and realistically confront your problems, rather than continuing to suffer and hide.

In our practice, we believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to promote healing. We are committed to providing a safe and confidential relationship based on trust, support and understanding. Your therapist will be there to guide you and root for you as you work though painful thoughts, emotions and patterns. The process of counseling, paired with medication if needed, can help lift your mood so you can regain hope and begin healing.

Our depression treatment sessions have helped many people regain control of their lives and find joy again. Students who were struggling in school were able to successfully complete the work and graduate. We have helped people who are not preforming well at work due to depression regain their clear thinking, motivation and energy and thrive at their job.

Although it may seem impossible right now, you can learn to love life again. Depression treatment is very effective and has helped countless people move forward in their lives with more ease, joy and comfort. With a willingness to change and a supportive therapeutic relationship, you, too, can begin to feel empowered rather than overwhelmed. As you begin to heal, you will notice daily activities become enjoyable again. Your sense of sense of humor will start to return. And, you’ll begin to see yourself as resilient and flexible instead of broken.

Although you may be ready for change, you still may have questions or concerns about depression treatment…
I’m too far down to even try. What’s the point?

We encourage you to give depression treatment a try for just one month. If you don’t see improvement after that month, then we can evaluate why. But in our experience, most people see noticeable improvement after even a short period, and we think you will too.

I don’t want to take medication. Can talk therapy really help me?

For many of our patients, medication can be very helpful and provides much-needed relief from the symptoms of depression. However, we always respect a patient’s decision to use pharmaceuticals. In fact, research indicates that talk therapy can be just as effective as medication alone. We are well equipped to help you manage your mood with behavioral change. We can help you learn ways to handle your situation (without medication) so that your life runs more smoothly.

I just don’t think depression treatment will help.

We have helped many people work through painful emotions and symptoms and feel and function better. And, we can help you, too. We care about your mental, physical, and spiritual health. We will listen to what you’re going through, and then come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific situation.

First you will be assessed to determine the level of depression you are experiencing. One of the most effective treatments for depression is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This involves looking at how your thoughts and behaviors affect your feelings. Your strengths will also be identified to aid in your recovery. We will work together to come up with a plan for treatment.

 When you are ready to begin treatment, contact us. Please give us a call. Or, simply make an appointment online. Taking that first step is a critical part of regaining control of your life.    

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